Kagan, Quickly

In SCOTUS, The District of Columbia on August 10, 2010 at 2:33 am

“The difference between intelligence and education is this: intelligence will make you a good living.” ~Charles F. Kettering

Oh, you guys, I have a total thing for smart women. I mean women doing awesome things already makes me want to fist pump but smart women doing smart things thrills me to my core. And ideology has never mattered just actual brain usage and the ability to be objective when needed and to accept the subjectivity of others. That’s really all I ever request of most people; a willingness to listen and learn.

So Elena Kagan. I know as much about her as you do so I am not here to offer any formidable insight or tell you some hysterical story about that one time I met her. But I have found a growing interest within myself of Supreme Court nominees. Mostly the age thing. Being a SCOTUS judge is a life long FOREVER thing. Like forever and ever until you die and the nominated justices keep getting younger and younger and though I’m getting older I’m realizing that these people will be sitting on the bench, all up in my civil liberties for a very long time. And so passing interest has turned into a need to find and scour every bit of information about potential and actual nominees as I can because life…FOREVER…is just so long.

Quick Facts:

  • Attended Princeton University
  • Received her JD from Harvard University
  • First female Dean of Harvard Law School
  • Became the first female Solicitor General after being nominated by President Obama

Quick Links:

Read a little. Let it marinate some. My opinion thus far is this: smart. And that’s as far as it goes because I don’t know enough to form a well-rounded and adequate opinion. All I know is that ‘for life’ is a long time and it makes me want to find out more.


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